Mentors prove critical for startup success

How startups like RedBus, India Homes, Zovi & CustomerXPs gained from some of India’s best-known mentors.

The gap between a successful start-up and a failed idea is very often not money, but mentoring. As more entrepreneurs seek expert counsel to grow their business, mentoring is emerging as the critical piece in the startup ecosystem across the country.

From providing insights on business strategy to linking young companies with potential clients, these experts – many of whom have built successful companies of their own – are proving to be the game changers for fledgling ventures aiming to chart a high growth path.

Apart from providing insights, mentors can throw open a valuable network of connections that a first-time entrepreneur will be hard put to cobble together on his own. Team ET profiles four startups that have gained from the expert counsel from some of India’s best-known mentors.

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