10 Simple Ideas To Improve Your Outcomes

Advice is often much easier to give than to take. For example, I was at a meeting at HubSpot yesterday and we were talking about a particularly area of the business that is having some challenges. A plan was presented. Then, a question came up in the room: “What you’re suggesting we do is not that different from what we’ve done in the past. Why do we think it’s going to lead to a dramatically different outcome?” It was a good question.

This just doesn’t just apply to businesses, it applies to individuals as well. When I’m facing a problem or challenge, one of the key questions is to ask: “Okay. So what do I plan to do differently so I can have a chance at a different outcome?”

The only way to overcome a problem is to do something differently because unless you do, tomorrow is just like today. (And who wants that?)

But there’s an even better approach: Instead of waiting until you have to make a bad situation better, why not turn an “okay” situation into a great one by tackling a challenge head on?

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